Top Notch offers for Prestige Prime Members

  • HNB Prestige Prime Visa Platinum Credit Cardholders
  • HNB Prestige Prime Visa Signature Credit Cardholders

Merchant: Edirisinghe brothers Pvt Ltd.(Hybrid hub)
  • 0% + 3, 6, 12 & 24 month installment plans for transactions above Rs. 10,000 to Rs.1Mn
  • 25% discount from labour for normal periodic maintenance, 25% discount for engine tune up
  • 25% dicount for any mechanical or electric repair(Not applicable for hybrid batteries)
  • 25% discount for AC service or repairs will be offered to leasing credit cardholders of the bank
Period: Till 31st December 2021
Contact: 0774777999 (Mr Prakash)
Merchant: Sun lanka auto traders Pvt Ltd
  • 12.5% discount for all car Audio/Video systems , Security alarm systems , Vehicle accessories 
  • Vehicle tinted option will be offered to Leasing credit card holders of the bank.
Period: Till 31st December 2021
Contact: 0772086226 (Ms Niluka)

Merchant: U & H Wheel service Pvt Ltd
  • 20%-40% discount on tyres , 10% discount on Vehicle accessories, upto 35% discount on alloy wheels
  • 20%-25% discount on batteries ,25% dicount on 2 tyres wheel alignment & 50% on 4 tyres for Road stone ,Michelin,Goodyear,Yokohama,GT,CEAT,Maxxis,Cooper,Kumho and free of charge wheel alignment for Landsail,Brigestone,Dunlop,Federal and mastercraft
  • HNB will offer 03 months,06 & 12 months Easy Payment Plan at 0% Interest for all transactions done through U & H, between Rs. 10,000/- & 1,000,000/-
Period: Till 30th June 2021
Contact: 0773435492 (Mr Lakshan)
Merchant: TUDAWE TRADING CO.(PVT) (for Karcher products)
  • TUDAWE Shall offer zero Labour free service visits for 2 years on the professional products range above all inclusive price of Rs 4,600,000/-
  • TUDAWE Shall offer a special 5% discount on the consumables (detergents) and a 5% discount on the wear and tear components on the professional product range above all inclusive price of Rs 4,600,000/-
  • Special 10% discount on domestic machines & 5 % discount on commercial machines all-inclusive price of Rs 4,600,000/- for Leasing Card
Period: Till 31st December 2021
Contact: 0766738691 (Mr Dhanushka)
Merchant: United Motors Lanka PLC
  • 15% Special discount for all lubes & car care products (Conditions apply available only at Hyde park corner outlet) will be offered to leasing credit cardholders )
Period: Till 31st March 2021
Contact: 0772188347 (Ms. Kushani)
Merchant: Samarasinghe Windscreen House (Pvt) Ltd
  • Customers will get upto 20% discount on windscreens
  • Labor free on windscreen fitting. This will be valid only if the customer purchase windscreens from Samarasinghe Windscreen House (Pvt) Ltd
Period: Till 31st December 2021
Contact: 0777345753 (Mr Sudeep)
Merchant: OEM Spare Part (Pvt) Ltd “Auto Miraj”
  • 50% labor charges free on lubrication services. This will be valid if the customer purchase materials from Auto Miraj.If customer bring materials from outside, customer will only be entitled for 25% discount
  • First 50 members will get free body wash and detailing service
  • Any form of Nano coating from Auto Miraj outlet will be offered 10% discount on total Nano coating package
  • Any mechanical repair from Auto Miraj workshop will be offered 10% discount on workmanship (Labor fees)
  • This offer in entitled only for Cars, Vans, SUVs and Jeeps
  • Auto Miraj Nawala and Dematagoda outlets will be providing these offers subject to availability
Period: Till 31st December 2021
Contact: 0755888848 (Mr.Charith)
Merchant: M.M.Organisation (Pvt) Ltd.
Offer: Discounts starting from 12% for all Vehicle spare parts
Period: Till 31st December 2021
Contact: 0773787878 (Mr.Kumantha)
Offer: 10% discount for all Vehicle spare parts & free delivery
Period: Till 31st December 2021
Contact: 0777841957 (Mr.Neel)
Merchant: M. J. R. Peiris & Sons (Pvt) Ltd
Offers: up to 40% discount for all tyre brands. , Battery backup service will be provide to all credit card holders within Kandy city limit
Period: Till 31st December 2021
Contact: 0772094723 (Ms. Nimantha)
Merchant: Electro Chemical Enterprises
Offers: 25% Special discount for all Aerospace, Yucon Brand 2 Wheeler Batteries/3Wheeler Battery/4Wheeler batteries and UPS batteries 
Period: Till 31st December 2021
Contact: 0767198706 (Rashmi)

Offers: 20% discount for Xsterm, 20% discount for Diamond, 15% discount for pro, 10% discount for Crystal Nano quoting packages
Period: Till 31st December 2021
Contact: +94 761355866 (Chathurika)

Merchant: DIMO Retail
  • DIMO AUTOLAB offer service and repair solutions for all premium brands  (except for franchise vehicle models eg: Mercedes Benz, Tata,Jeep)
  • DIMO will offer 30% discount from DIMO AUTOLAB and 20% discount from DIMO RETAIL whereas
  • DIMO Tyres will offer discounts of 30% for Michelin, 40% for Kumho & 35% for Saliun/BFGoodrich/Jinyu
Period: Till 31st December 2021
Contact: 0762600497 (Mr.Roncali)

Merchant: Ideal Motors
Offers: Up to 50% off on selected services Up to 50% off on selected services
  • Technical inspection report free (all Workshops)
  • 50% off for wheel Alignment at selected Workshops. (Jaffna, Yakkala,Tissamaharama,Puttalam )
  • 30% off for vehicle detailing (cut & polish, interior) at all Workshops
  • 15% off for Mechanical repairs at all Workshops
  • 10% off for Mahindra spare parts at all Workshops
  • 15% off for Motor cycle service and repairs. (Offer valid only at Yakkala)
  • 25% off for Non insurance accidents at all Workshops
Period: Till 31st March 2021
Contact: 0773555444 (Mr.Dilshan)

Merchant: Douglas & Sons
  • 32.5% discount on GTTyres, 25% discount on ContinentalTyres and 30% discount on TOYO Tyres
  • 15% discount on Exedy clutch disc & covers, KYB shock Absobers, Mitsuboshi belts, FBL brake pads, NGK spark plugs
  • 25% discount on livguard,Yuasa,Global batteries
Period: Till 31st December 2021
Contact: 0703043877 (Mr.Shantha)

Offers: 10% discount for Vehicle Repairs and Interior Cleaning, Body Wash & Service
Period: Till 31st December 2021
Contact:0777740595 (Mr.Nishan)

Merchant: Sterling Automobile Lanka (Pvt)Ltd
  • 30% labor charges free on vehicle lubrication services,10% off on work man ship (Labor fees) on any vehicle mechanical repair
  • 10%-25% discount on spare parts purchase on Sterling branch outlets (Conditions apply), 15% off on workmanship (Labor fees) of any Towa body coating package
  • 10% off on vehicle interior & exterior detailing,Upholstery cleaning
  • Special discount on roadside assistance on vehicle towing fee and services (Conditions apply)
  • Offer is entitled only for Cars, Vans, SUVs and Jeeps
Period: Till 30th June 2021
Contact: 0772672979 (Mr.Kavindu)

Merchant: Kandy Blue Star tyre
Offers: 5% discount for 32 1/2 ' G.T. (Indonesia) Tyre, 40% discount for Maxxis (Thailand) Tyre
Period: Till 31st December 2021
Contact: 0778600197 (Mr.Daminda)

Merchant: Car Checks Pvt Ltd
  • Free ‘’Car checks accident free certification’’ be given to HNB Prestige Prime Credit Card/ other HNB Credit Cards when gets a full inspection done
  • special leasing rate will be offered to the customers who obtain a Car Checks report with a Green pass score (above 90%)
Period: Till 31st December 2021
Contact: +94 728 35 35 35 (Romany)

Merchant: Prestige Automobile (Pvt) Ltd
Offer: 25% off on accessories,20% off on parts &  10% off on labour charges for Prestige Prime cardholders who owns a BMW
Period: Till 31st December 2021
Contact: 0112875661 

  • The card member may perform single/multiple purchase(s) and request for easy payment plan of 03(Three), 06 (Six) months and 12(Twelve) months , provided the single transaction is Rs.10,000 to Rs.1.0 Mn, and such transaction value is within the available balance and authorized limit of the credit card at the time of performing the transaction.
  • In order to enjoy the installment facility, the purchases must be performed during the Promotional Period and informed to the call center, via calling 0112 462 462 & provide the date of such transaction, the name of the merchant and the value of such transaction and the same will be reflected in the customer’s next credit card statement.
  • The customers must Call & Convert the Transaction within 5 calendar days from the date of performing the transaction. Eg. Transaction performed on 16th February 2021 should be informed to HNB Call Centre on /or before the 21st February 2021, on 011 2462 462 for conversion to easy payment plan.
IMPORTANT – In the event that transactions made 5 days prior to billing cycle are to be converted to Easy Payment Plans, they will be converted only during the next billing period. In this instance, the cardholder will be required to settle the amount stated in the statement. The installment plan will come into effect from the next billing cycle onwards.
  • The Transaction must be within the customers approved Credit Limit & transactions performed by depositing funds over the credit limit will not be eligible for this promotion.
  • Card member(s) is/are to settle the total bill via Hatton National Bank PLC credit card(s) to be eligible for the offers mentioned here in.
  • The offers cannot be exchanged for cash and/or used in conjunction with any other promotional programs or offers provided by service establishments involved in this promotion.
  • If any dispute arises regarding any of the terms and conditions contained herewith, the decision of the respective service establishment & Hatton National Bank PLC shall be final.


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