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HNB cards now let you to live the moment with attractive packages for travel, restaurants and for online and retail shopping.

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Category Icon - Hotel


Island-wide wonders, as many hotels and holidays, only leaves the question of where and when. If that’s your happy, we’ve got offers all year long.  

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Category Icon - Travel


Every journey makes a lasting memory. If that’s your happy, we’ve got the best travel related offers all year long.

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Category Icon - Dining


Great food can leave you in a greater mood. If that’s your happy, our dining offers are the best on the menu.

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Category Icon - Retail


They say there’s nothing retail therapy can’t fix. If that’s your happy, we’ve got the best deals for you to go to town with.

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Category Icon - Lifestyle


It’s always a good feeling when you have the best electronics to save time for you. If that’s your happy, then we’ve got the best value deals.

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Category Icon - Online


Saw it! Want it? Click buy. If that’s your happy, we’ve got you covered online.

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Category Icon - Online


Do things about vehicles make your pulse race from 0-60? If that’s your happy, our offers are right on track.

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Category Icon - Hospitals


Make your health a priority. Enjoy the best healthcare services from leading hospitals with your HNB Card. 

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Category Icon - Jewellery


Celebrate your special occasions with a timeless masterpiece from renowned jewellers in town. We've got the best deals for you from HNB. 

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Category Icon - Education


Plan your future with HNB and let your aspirations take flight. Pave your path to success with the best deals from HNB. 

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