HNB Momo

HNB Momo


HNB Momo is a convenient, low cost mobile solution for merchants who accept and pay via electronic payment card. With the new Momo application installed on their smart phone, merchants can accept credit and debit cards with the greatest ease, for payments from their customers.

Momo can be used by any business, from micro scale businesses such as trishaw cab services and boutique shops to large scale businesses such as home delivery services, supermarket chains, clothing stores, luxury cab services etc.


  • HNB offers the best rates on transactions for merchants island-wide.
  • HNB is the most easily accessible point to withdraw funds and conduct daily banking needs
  • With our electronic delivery channels, merchants can use the same mobile to conduct all other banking services as well.
  • Our application can be integrated with the existing applications of the merchant on request. This eliminates any potential reconciliation efforts and streamlines operations making business life easier for merchants island-wide.

 HNB Momo – More Business, More Money

HNB Momo

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