Distributor/Supplier Financing



A special credit line designed to assist short term working capital requirements of Distributors and Suppliers of reputed/well established Companies in Sri Lanka

Benefits to the Company

  • Maximizes top line revenue while managing the balance sheet with additional credit limit offered by the bank for each Distributor
  • No credit risk, assuring 100% recovery of dues
  • Substantial reduction in operational volumes of the Company
Benefits to the Distributors

  • Bank will settle the dues to the Company on the due date - No delayed payments
  • Additional credit period to settle the dues
  • Pre-approved credit limits with flexibility to amend according to seasonal requirements
  • Less demand for additional security for the facility
  • Competitive interest rates with simplified evaluation process
  • No matter if you are a HNB client or not

  • Invoice presentment/discounting
  • Arranging additional credit periods for distributors
  • Advance payments for Suppliers against receivables from the Company





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Distributor/Supplier Financing

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